Tuesday, 19 May 2015

New Digital Kit from DKERKHOF called ONE FIFTEEN

I am luck enough to be a design team member for Deb's who owns DKERKHOF Designs. Listed below are links to various sites where your able to see what kind of digital goodies Deb's gives us.

Now then Deb's also used to bring us digital kits under the name of XQUIZART. They are the same so don't think your hopefully obtaining elements from two different people.

To visit the BLOG: >>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<

To visit her on line shop: >>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<

To visit the Mischief Circus Main Site: >>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<

Now then the gossip bit..

Its almost every 2 weeks or so that a new kit is made available to us Crafting Peep's or C>P as l will call us from now on hahahaha

She builds up a collection of Art Dolls with several changes of clothing options, In some kits there are papers as well as accessories i.e. Furniture, Frames,Jewelery everything that can be used to make an interesting project or 3..

With Deb's help and another designer Im going to be working on some videos showing how digital elements can be used in your Mixed Media Projects, Scrapebooking etc.. A lot of C>P's are not scared but maybe dont have the confidence to explore this new avenue to them. After all we use Clip Art in some projects this is nothing different. All that is .. that the artists have gone to a lot of time and effort to make these digital imagery available for us so all we have to do is drag and drop. You don't need a specialist program to do this there are free programs available which l will be exploring in these videos.

Here is a project that l have done using the latest kit from Deb's.
Now then l have gone that extra mile so this shows what can be done. Lets look at the image and talk about whats been done...

Now then the dress... This was a short skirt, however by copy and pasting l was able to build up the dress to a more 'Evening one' This project has been inspired in a out of the box style Cinderella.  The bodice was in fact some underwear, so here all l did was copy and pasted it 3 times and then using different layering styles l made it darker and more fitting into a dress top.

Another digital Art Doll was then brought into the project and reduced down so that it looked like a fairy, this shows you that you don't just have to have the Digital Image the size thats presented to you in the original pack. Some wings from another kit were used just to complete the modern day fairy look. Then the finishing touches.. the light beams that were from another designers kit.

As these files are PNG your able to layer one on top of another and not loose what is below. You cant do this with say a JPEG formated file. So when using digital imagery ALWAYS USE PNG.

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