Thursday, 11 June 2015

Hollie from HOLLIEWOOD STUDIO'S has brought us a NEW Digital Kit called: NEXT STEP

After the last kit that Hollie brought to us which in my own personal view is going to become a firm favorite. She has brought us something a little different this time, some would say quirky, But it works and a lot of fun can be had just playing around with some elements, Bringing in elements from other kits to build up a new project.
Here l have taken the Males head that had been chopped off and the brains removed.. Meaning we can build up a story about what he is thinking.. [Am l going to deep?] lol
Anyway its a fun kit Something different and new so well worth adding it to a collection or if your new to digital art then this and the last kit are perfect starting blocks....
If you have any questions about what you have seen or read on my blog please send me a message or leave one on here if your comfortable with doing so.
I will get back to you as soon as l can...

To visit Holliewood Studios Blog: >>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<

To visit Holliewood's On line Store: >>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<

To buy this kit from Holliewood Studios: >>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<

Have FUN... Thats all Digital Art is all about or as l call it.....


Any questions about anything you have seen or read  or just more info generally then please send me a message on here or pop an email in the post bag and l will get back to you as soon as possible.

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