Monday, 3 August 2015

New Digital Kit from DKERKHOF Designs called: PUMPKIN PATCH 2

Well Deb's has done it again and unleashed on to us a wonderful 2 part set Double release, Meaning we have 4 sets in total 2 of them Art Dolls and Elements to build a story around them , then you have 2 sets of 6 papers giving you 12 in total.

This collection is very Golden, Orange, Green and Brown in tonal range. Lots of fun can be had building up stories and projects.

Dont forget your able to bring in elements from other kits from the DKERKHOF Collection.. Have a look at the back catalogue..

There are some wonderful Art Doll sets that are easy to use and will fit into your Scrapbook projects, If your into making Cards.. Perfect or if like me your going to explore the digital collections in your Mixed Media or A.T.C projects..

They will fit in and be a very useful addition to your crafting arsenal!

If you have any questions about what you have seen or read on my Blog PLEASE send me a message or leave a message and l will get back to you as soon as l can..

Have a look at this NEW Digital Art Doll Collection:

DIGITAL KIT: >>>>>>>>>>LINK<<<<<<<<<<

PAPERS: >>>>>>>>>>LINK<<<<<<<<<<

Visit the Blog: >>>>>>>>>>LINK<<<<<<<<<<

Visit the Main On Line Store: >>>>>>>>>>LINK<<<<<<<<<<

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