Friday, 18 September 2015

Digital Mixed Media Project No. 1 - SISTERHOOD

Now then what is Digital Mixed Media?

Well its using digital elements that have been bought in a kit. There is a big market out there with creative people doing these kits. As you can tell by this blog..

I have been lucky enough to have been involved with Both Deb's @ DKERKHOF/QUIZART and Holly at HOLLIEWOOD STUDIOS.

It is Holly that in-fact owns the digital shop known as MISCHIEF CIRCUS. A shop where there are lots of creative goodies there in kits for you to buy.

A lot of work goes into making these kits something l would not where to start. There are also different styles, themes and you also get no two the same which again you ant say for a lot of places that sell things to us the creative consumers.

As l have been going on over the past few years on how Digital is the way forward.. Once its downloaded [All you need is a program to unzip Winrar/Winzip files and you can find then FREE on the internet] You open the Winrar/Winzip file  to a new folder and there you have it your digital goodies.

Now then l would suggest that anything that you buy or download from a web site you can trust


Save your zip files and programs to a separate area of your computer/laptop. I save all my goodies onto a separate hard drive that can be un-plugged and moved about.

The great thing about these digital images is that you can re size them to fit in ANY PROJECT your working on. A4 .. A.T.C. size... Postcard....A3.... even if your good at cutting out Postage Stamp size.

You can bring these elements into your photos!!


Well as they are a PNG file the are on a colourless background so you can drag and drop.

Your now shouting at the monitor... BUT I DON'T HAVE PHOTOSHOP! or programs like that.. Okay this can be sorted out.. To my knowledge there are two FREE Design programs ..


2. GIMP.

Of the two l would say Inkscape would be the first option. There are also lots of tutorials on y-Tube on how to do things within this program. You can also use Word type programs to resize single elements. Your not able to build up an image and then print it out and use it. within these Word programs.

Below is the video l have made showing you how l built up this Digital Mixed Media Project:

If there is anything you want to know PLEASE ask me as l will gladly share what information l have with you.

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