Sunday, 4 October 2015

Digital Mixed Media Project No 2: THE WEDDING CARD

This project shows how with a free D.T.P and some digital imagery your able to build up a 'Themed' Card and then send that to who ever your making the project for. You all know how hard it is to find that 'Perfect card' well now your able to make that card. Its also more personal as you have Digitally created it.

The *FREE* D.T.P. program is called INKSCAPE.

I have added links so your able to go right to THEIR web site and download. Always be careful when downloading as some sites will take things that are free and make you pay for this FREE item.

So PLEASE always go directly to the company's main home page and follow the links that THEY provide.

Windows: >>>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<<<

Mac OS: >>>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<<<

In the video that goes with this project l show you how to drag and drop, then make adjustments to your digital imagery, to resize, add a drop shadow. To build a project up of several elements so that when its printed out it looks 3 dimensional.

Using elements from our Second " Digital Artist'...... Kirsi who has a Creative Digital Studio called:

>>>>>>>>>>  'ITKUPILLI' <<<<<<<<<<

Just click on the Link highlighted to be taken to her On line Digital Sore.

If you would like to visit her Blog site then here is the link to that:>>>>> 'BLOG'<<<<<

Then once you have built up your image you can print it out and then secure that onto  a Blank card... Tag... Postcard.. A.T.C.  anything that you want to and are able to print out.... The world is opened up to you to be creative on your computer using elements that your able to re-size.. twist, reflect anything that your desk top program will allow you to do.

To watch the video l made showing how l constructed this Digital Mixed Media Project:

The next project in this series will be all about how you can make some wall art using an Old Photograph. The final project will be a canvas that your going to be ale to hang on any wall in your home.

If you have any questions please send me a message lm here to help in what ever way l can.

Looking forward to hearing from you and also hearing about the Digital mixed media projects you have been working on.

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