Monday, 18 January 2016

Project No 11.DKerkhof ~ ART DOLL's Doodle Collections [2 Part]

Well what can l say Deb's has just gone and hit that creative ball right out of the ball part!

She has brought us a 2 part digital set of  10 Art Dolls [5 in each kit/

I know there are just the dolls in this but a whole lotta work has gone in to making these and they are just 'THE BIZ!!!!'

In fact the whole 'Doodle or as its known ZENTANGLE collection of kits is a MUST HAVE if this is your creative buzz.

The whole combination of these kits will enable you to make HUNDREDS of projects that your going to be able to spend hours colouring in. Its your own Adult Colouring Book which is at the moment the latest craze for enabling you to just relax and have some ME time.

To have a look at these kits just click on the links below:

My first project is made up with using the boarders from another kit in this collection and building a pattern. Then while in Photoshop l did a water colour background and then over laid the two together to make a background. It can be used not only for projects like this but also as a plain crafting paper for your paper/card/scrap-booking projects.

Then l placed a Art Doll into the project and using Photoshop and all its colour combinations digital coloured the Art Doll in just as if l was doing it by hand.

Thats is something lm going to be doing and then l will scan and upload that photo so please call back to keep updated on what lm doing.

If you have any questions fire them at me via a message below or by sending me an email. I will respond a.s.a.p.



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