Monday, 28 March 2016

Project No 12 : SPIRIT ANIMAL - A NEW Digital Element Kit from HOLLIEWOOD STUDIO'S


So sorry for not posting over these past few weeks but alas Health issues took over and l didn't feel positive enough in my own talent to do anything creative.

When your in a dark space your not able to see light.. bright colours.. that hint of a gleam from a dew drop on a flower.. Its not there, all you see is shades of grey. Okay you say well you can do a black and white project but even that kind of work has shades and tones, it can reflect the feeling of a tonal value that makes the person looking on visualize a colour..

A red rose even in Black and White is still a red rose when you see the tones and the hues of the pencil stroke.

So lm now in a positive space and lm feeling a lot better even much so lm thinking about making another video as l now have lots of ideas floating around in the space between my ears lol.

Right back to this post. Holly has once again outshone herself and has brought this wonderful collection of creativity. Its based upon Animals l would say BUT you also get those extras like flowers and vegetation.

Your also getting in this kit lots of overlays and items that your able to change the colour and to bring into your projects as a mask or a different layer of colour.


If you want to have a look at Holliewood Studios back catalogue:

Have fun!!

Below are samples that l have created using elements from the kit.

I use Adobe Photoshop, Here l am able to use the layers to the best effect. not just layers but l have also built up over the years a collection of 'Styles' Themes' Fonts' All of which give me the tools to be VERY CREATIVE.

I am also a great fan of YouTube. here l spend hours watching the videos that people who have the skills l would like enabling me to do what they do. So if your ever stuck for a idea on how to do something go into YouTube type in what you would like to see and then press the search button.

I hope that you also come across some of my videos and enjoy watching what lm trying to share with everyone who can or would be interested in being creative.

Project 1 : The She Wolf......

Project 2: LET YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE......


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