Thursday, 7 April 2016


Well Well Well.. Hollie from Holliewood Studios has gone and done it AGAIN!.

She has brought us a new kit that's filled with elements that can be used to build up an image with just using the elements from the kit.

As well as being the PERFECT additional kit so that your able to expand ALL the other digital kits that you could/can/do have in your Creative stash.

To have a look @ this kit click on the link below:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MISCHIEF & MESSES v.6 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

To have a look @ all the other Kits that Hollie has created Click on the link below:

I would suggest if l can to @ first make yourself a drink be that Tea... Coffee.. or a cold drink still or fizzy..

I say this as your going to be spending a long time just clicking on all the digital kits.

When you do open up a kit you not only see what is there in the kit for you to be creative with [all PNG files so your able to lay one on top of another].

But also projects created just using elements that you can see from that kit. These have been created by the very Creative Design Team that l am so proud to be a member of.

There is a mixed bag of different styles and approaches so your able to see how these elements can be used.
I have been told that lm the Layering King, As l do enjoy layering elements on top of each other and as l work in Adobe Photoshop lm able to use different layering techniques.

If your not familiar with this there are LOADS of Videos on You Tube. I have also made a video on using layers in a digital way. I will put a link to the video @ the base of this post so your able to have a small inkling as to what l mean when l say PNG and layering techniques.

Project No. 1

Project No. 2

On this project l have taken a masked out image from a photo that l have in my collection. Then by bringing in some digital elements from Holliewood Studio's other Digital kits l was able to build up a story. Showing that you can mix and match its all about YOUR IMAGINATION. So have a LOT OF FUN.. The best thing about digital is that your not going to have to cover up some project that's gone wrong like it does from time to time. You just go back to a point in the projects history and start from the point you want to. The GOLDEN RULE is..... NEVER WORK ON AN ORIGINAL PHOTO..... ALWAYS MAKE A DIGITAL COPY and the work on that one.

Below is a video l did showing how your able to build up an image using digital imagery from a Digital Kit like the one Hollie has created [this post].

The video is just to explain a few things if your not sure on what working with PNG files and layering is all about. If you have ANY questions PLEASE ASK ME.. Oh and remember there is NO SUCH THING AS A DAFT OR STUPID QUESTION!!! trust me l have asked them all myself. So dont feel its just you. There could be 1.. 10..100..1000 other people wanting to ask the same question but they dont have toe confidence to ask.

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