Monday, 23 May 2016

Digital Kit from Dkerkhof ~ MAGPIE. 2 Part Digital Art Doll Set Plus Papers

Well then this time Deb's has gone all Black and White on us. Bringing us some Art Dolls that are not 'Over powering and can be used in a lot of projects.

These are some wonderful 'Fillers' as l call them. There are also some spare arms meaning that your able to overlap objects giving the impression that the art doll is then holding something.

Then you come to the WONDERFUL Magpie's and Butterflies These are worth the cost for the digital kits on their own.

Not much on the way in 'Glam' items in this kit but you do have a wonderful back up source. Your going to be able to get lots of mileage from these elements.

One of Deb's best when it comes to this kind of Digital elements Kits.

You have the main kit with papers then there is a add-on kit with papers. As with all of her kits you dont have to get your hands on the papers.. Or you may just want to own the papers its up to you. All l can say is that l had a lot of fun having a play with this kit.

For the first one l used some smoke elements from my own creative stash. The 2nd one l used a water overlay from my own collection. Showing that your able to bring in elements that you have got your creative hands on. Mix and match that's what's one of the best things about Digital mixed Media....

To have a look at the Main Kit click on the link below:

To have a look at the Add-on Kit click on the link below:

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