Monday, 30 May 2016


Here is a more muted Art Doll collection from the creative hands and brain from Deb's at QUIZART [Dkerkhof].

Here is a more Brown and Golden hue collection.

There is some soft tones in the art doll set and a set of BARN OWLS that's work the price just for those if your into Barn Owls and are struggling to make a more masculine project but your not wanting to do the normal.

To complement the Figures and text pieces there is a collection of 6 Papers that compliment the Collectables set.

To have a look at this kit and what the creative team working for Deb's then please click on the link below.

I am luck to be a member of the team that Deb's has brought together.  We all bring something different to the creative table.. Meaning that you get to see different ideas. Some members come from a Scrap-booking back ground... Some come from a Card Making back ground. Myself well l started as a card maker.. then l got into making informative videos which l shall be going back to soon... Then Mixed media called out my name and l started to bring the skills as a card maker into this area..

However the call of the computer kept calling my name so l now like to call myself a .. [Drum Roll PLEASE!!!!!!.........]


Yea go me.. or not hahahahaha

Anyway here are below several creative project that l have done using at least 90% of this new kit. We are allowed to bring in elements that we have in our collection after all being digital enables you to use what you have and to show that these kits will work with EVERYTHING that you have already.

Project No.1

Project No.2

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