Monday, 30 May 2016


Here is a BRAND NEW digital kit from Holliewood Studio's. This is a kit filled with FLOWERS as the name suggests.

Saying that its not just flowers there are a lot of other creative elements that are going to enable you to enhance your projects.

If you want to have a look at this kit and see what the Creative Design Team from Holliewood Studios have done then click on the link below:

As the norm Hollie has also provided a section of background papers and 'Overlays' that she is very creative in making. These overlays can make even the simplest of projects look like you have spent hours tweaking the project when all you have done is just Drag and DROP!

For the first project l took an old photo for Miss M.M. and by using the flowers built up a design at the side. Then instead of bright and vibrancy in hue and colour l desaturated the flowers just a little so that it gave a muted look.

Showing that your able to make a simple Black and White photograph something a little bit special.

Project No. 1

Project No. 2

Project No. 3

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