Monday, 4 July 2016

MONTHLY MISCHIEF - RELAX ~ A Digital Collaboration Kit from XQUIZART

This is a new concept from Mischief Circus. Its where all the designers who are part of this group combine their different outlooks to produce 1 kit that's under 1 Theme or Name.

This collection of kits is from Deb's @ Xquizart. The theme of this collection is called RELAX.

There is 7 YES SEVEN! Different download kits ...

There is a Grunge Word~Art Collection 

Paper Kit 1

Paper Kit 2

Mini Kit 1

Mini Kit 2

Mini Kit 3

You are going to have a lot of fun with these kits from ALL the designers. No two of them has the same approach to what Digital Art is. Some have a more Mixed Media rip paper out kind of feel and some have a more Mixed Media Digital approach. Deb's style is very Glam. Her Art Dolls can be used for any occasion.

I do keep badgering her to make some Men Art Dolls so that your able to open up your digital project making even more.. I will carry on with the fight lol

Below are some projects l have created using elements 90% from this kit. I have brought in just a few no more than 3 elements from other of Deb's kits.

Showing your able to build upon what you have and that your able to be very creative with just elements from these kits as well.

If you have any questions PLEASE send me a message and l will get back to you or leave a message below.


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