Monday, 19 September 2016

Holliewood Studio ~ BRAND NEW Kit ~ SCHOOLED THE 80's!

This time Holliue has gone back to school with this new kit.

Its filled with all those things that the term 'Oldies' meant that you remember when it was FIRST TIME round and it was not called RETRO! [But l was far to young to remember..... Who the Hell am l trying to fool.... l remember some of the 70's and that's as far back as lm going to admit to!]

Its got all those bright in your face colours.. Remember when music was carried around on a cassette? You saw those great big things on peoples shoulders and you always thought to yourself.. Your going to regret that when your older!. I used to wear platform shoes and boots and they were platforms..

Now l sit there in my chair thinking.. Oh that's going to have to hurt! when you see them in those shoes..

I remember running for a bus back in the day.. flairs .. that flapped in the wind ready for take off...

Hours spent cutting slits into jean's already flared and then putting towed bar mats into them.. so that they were even wider at the bottom. You never never happy till they covered your shoes.

This kit got me thinking about those days.. Were they happy or do we just remember the good times...?

Dont forget there was no Internet... We here in the UK had only 2 possibly 3 TV channels and they closed down at midnight! No shopping on a Sunday.. No open all hours.. Were they good old days?

Well then this kit is going to give you lots of happy memories as well as having a lot of fun making your digital projects..

To have a look at this kit click on the link below

Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

Project No. 4

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