Saturday, 1 October 2016

DKerkhof _~ Monthly Mischief ~ October FALLOWEEN

Well its that time of the month again when ALL the designers from Mischief Circus come together and under a common theme they make a collective designers project.

There is also if you spend over a certain amount of digital kits l think its $14.99 then you get a GREAT BIG XTRA kit that has extra elements from ALL the designers.

These items have not appeared in the original MM Kit.

Oh and they are also NOT digital creations that might have made the original kit but are creations that would grace ANY Digital Kit. Its Mischief Circus's way of saying thank you for supporting this months offering.

Dont foirget your able to mix and match not matter what kit your using.

To me its as if your building up a great big cd filled with creative goodies. You can back up onto a cd as long as you read each designers terms. I have 3 back-ups after learning from a big bad mistake l did a while back when l lost a lot of folders with a lot of work as well as creative elements.

Thankfully l had backed up the original zip folders in a different location so l was able to re-instal all the goodies l had lost. So lesson learnt.


Back to this kit as always l have placed a link below so that your able to see what is included and your able to add it to your shopping basket.

Project No. 1

Project No. 2

Project No. 3

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