Monday, 14 November 2016

Having a bit of FUN!!

Its been a while now that l have always wanted to design Tee-shirt's.

So much so l think l can trace it back to when l did my Textile/Surface Design Degree back in the early 2000's.

However it was not seen to be the done thing and l went on to do a final submission that l was not fully proud of.

In hinds sights l should have followed my heart and done 1 of the two things l wanted to do. One was tee-shirts and the other was ... DRUM ROLL PLEASE......

Scuplptural corsets.. Made from Barbed wire and steel.. I dont think they would ever get worn but as a work of art l think they would have looked good. HEY HOE!

Anyway l was sat at my desk while l had a few moments where l was able to think without being in to much discomfort and pain [very long story l would wait of the bio...] I decided that l was going to try and design some tee-shirts. If they work then great if now what have l lost but a few $ in buying templates etc.

So here is my first offering... I hope you like..

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