Monday, 9 January 2017

Debbie Kerkhof Collectibles Set's ~ DECONSTRUCTED ART 10 & 11

I hope 2017 is a year filled with lots of happy times and memories...

Now then what has Deb's got for us in 2017... To start off she had brought up set 10 in the ever expanding collection called Deconstruction Art. They all build up together and your able to mix and match.

By building up in compact segments your not over faced with to much. Sometimes having to much can make you feel over powered. HOWEVER knowing that items from kit 10 is going to fit in with elements from Kit 4 and Kit 7 your able to build up your project.

To have a look at this kit before you click on the  'Put this in my shopping bag please....'  also your able to see some of the samples that the design team have made giving you some ideas and suggestions.

There is no such thing as copying in the creative world... What it is called is Being empowered by what you have seen and then placing your own spin on the project...

To have a look at the kit just click on the link below... It will open up a new window in your search engine.

Below are some samples of what l have created using elements from this kit and some of the other kits under the banner of Deconstruction Art



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