Saturday, 1 April 2017

Holliewood Studios... A BRAND NEW KIT SHINE ON 1

Its  that time of the month when all the designers get together and under 1 theme they bring their take on said theme and under l big umbrella your going to get such a lot of different ideas.

I have had to step back from being a member of Deb's Design Team.

l want to take this opportunity to thank her for ALL her support as well as being there when a total stranger who she has never met had some things going on in my life. Deb's had big issues of her own with bringing an very young baby who they were going to look after as the babies mother had problems and couldn't care for her chile.

This is the kind of person that Deb's is.. So l wish her all the very best for the future both personal as well as professional. Who knows one day when lm able l might knock on that door and come back into her team.

Now then why have l left Deb's team I hear you ask?... Well l found that l couldn't give her designs the care and attention that she needed. I was not able to commit myself to working on her designs every week.

Hollie on the other hand tends to be once a month meaning l have time to chase my own designs and creative projects.

So lets have a look at what Hollie is bringing to us this month... Its a underwater themed package. Lots of mermaids..Shells..Jellyfish.. corals.. and the selection of Papers.. WOW they are going to be so useful for our summer projects.

Just click on the link below to be taken to the site and have a look at what the other members of the team have created as well as the complete package that's there ready to be added to your collection.

This time the Papers are on a separate link so l have added that one as well.

BE Creative with this kit as well as ALL the other kits you may have from Holliewood Studios and other designers.

This is a complete MIX and Match Kit!

Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

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