Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The First Project...... 75% Done

Well what can l say l have designed and made the first card. Found a web site that will store my files on line for FREE yes for FREE so maybe a name check is in order..  They will not let you hold a large amount but for what l need at this moment in time its good enough so if you would like to have a sneak look at the papers l will be using for the Christmas card here is a link for you

The rest of the week will be spent making my first short how to do video for uploading onto YouTube. I have to practice making up the card. I have 2 samples already which l must photograph this week. Speaking of which bought a fab mini ebay photographic studio over the weekend  its great and was reduced so that's a big plus.

The new books have arrived from amazon so l feel its time to make a cup of coffee and get a cupcake and settle down and have a good read.

Take care and remember crafting is FUN it is there to be enjoyed.

Happy crafting


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