Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Today has gone well its been a good productive day craft wise. The or should l say one of the highlights was being mentioned by Nigel on Create and Craft and having my email read out. Does that mean l can now sign autographs hahaha

Have finished the latest project it has been a labour of love so to speak. I caught a glimpse of the design on C&C but l had to quickly sketch out what it was. Then after a few days making and then making again l managed to sort out the measurements. I hope to have it up on the web site with in a few days. I might even get the design work sheet up as well as a project.

The down side of the past few days is the sellers on eBay charging outlandish p&p charges. One order l had the goods totaled £5.25 The3y charged £4.03 for p&p. the goods arrived in a plain white window envelope and it was franked 0.85p. Well they have been reported as well as another seller who has not played by the book. Am i now turning into a grumpy old man? ...... Answers on a postcard to....

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