Thursday, 10 March 2011

Been A Good Week1

Well the week has been a good one so far. Finaly sorted out the craft room and l am happy where everything is placed. No doubt l will change it all around again in a few weeks. There is nothing worse that 'WHAT IF I MOVED THIS TO THERE!' So walk away walk away...
A.T.C's are coming on well have become more involved with it and lm now planning what lm doing, where as in the early ones it was a case of grab ... glue... stamp and cut.... Still its something we all go through, saying that l have looked into what stock l have and there is a need for a white embossing powder as thats something l dont have for some reason.
Been playing around with baby wipes and acrylic paints. The bathroom was filled with swatches of paper from the pressings l had made from these water soaked baby wipes. When they were dried l cut to size and l have glued them onto card stock ready for what ever l decide to do with them. I will post up pictures of what l mean.... Hang on going to photograph them now......

Here is what l mean about the baby wipes

You can make lots of different backgrounds. I have approx 10 A5 size sheets of different hues made from just 2 wipes. Here is what you do.

On a large level surface [ie work top] lay out the baby wipes on top of some water coloring paper. take a water spray container l have transformed a trial/travel spray cleaner plastic bottle [just give a good clean and let dry] Now then you soak the baby wipes. Then using your acrylic or water based paints just make splodges of colour allowing them to combine on their own. Then take another sheet of water colouring paper or plain white and lay on top. Gently pat the top of the paper till it is soaked. Remove both sets of paper. Then just do the same again. You can refresh with water the baby wipes if they become dry'er. Then leave to dry and there you have it... By mixing different colours you get different paper samples.

Here are a few more of the A.T.C's l have been working on.

Have a Fab crafty weekend if time allows

Take Care


  1. Hi love your ATC's, i came from the cricut mb I love my bugs but see some people have problems with theirs keep hounding PC they do eventually get things right, but try to get hold of chris he is good at getting things sorted try going to a yahoo group called cricutdemonwa there is a lot of help on that site. love my bugs but you have now given me some more inspiration. thanks

  2. Hello Flo,

    Firstly let me send you a sincere appology about the length of time in responding to your post it was rude of me not to check.
    Thank you so much for thos kind words and lm happy that l have inspired you in any way. Thats why l do crafting to help fellow crafters. My Cricut is now behaiving its self thanks to melanie who l have been incontact with. She is a crafter on C&C she helped me no end and l will be gratefull for the time she spent. The best advise she gave me was keep a book on all papers with the information needed to cut that paper. As we know no two papers are the same.
    I hope the Easter Weekend has gone well for you.
    Kindest regards and keep crafting


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