Saturday, 12 March 2011

Relaxed Weekend

Well then the end of another week. Its been a good one managed to get a lot of thingssorted out and even the desk is clear and l can see things!.

Been working on the A.T.C's they have kinda taken over my life at the moment, still thats good as it means lm being creative. Saw a card on one of the shopping chanels. I have decided to have a look at how to construct it and then make a video. I know its scarey me on film. I knew the reason for me learning how to upload film onto the web site was for a good reason.

Bought a new toy its a Kindle. Very impressed with the feel and the way it works. Just have to wait till they get Crafting publications delivered directly to it. I know its great no more having to wait in a line or they being out of stock. only down side they will not be able to download the freebies!

Hope you all have a great weekend full of craftyness and  Joyness.

Keep Crafting


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