Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Sun is Out to Play to-day

Well what a mixed week weather wise.. At least today [sat] the sun has decided to come out to play so that means there are going to be a lot of people with a smile on their faces.

This week has been intresting I decided to make a Birthday card for Create and craft's 8th Birthday and l will post it on here its an A4 sized one and l thought l might as well as use a paper that l had designed [you gotts advertise lol] It was good fun l went for the Vintage feel. I can highly recomend a great book for reference if the budget can stretch. Its called 
Creating Vintage Cards by Jill Haglund. Its Published by TweetyJill the ISBN no is 1 - 891898-06-X

I bought my copy from The web site starting with an 'A' and its what you call a very Strong Woman in mythical times.

I also treated myself to a new A4 Cutting and Embossing machine from Joy Trouvaille. I did a bit of searching on y-tube about the machine but there was nothing in English. Its a Dutch based company l think so for my next video l will put the machine thru its passes. Its a lot cheaper than the Cricut one as l guess the name isn't as big. But saying that l have this feeling that they are also behind the Marianne Creatables Dies. Please don't shoot me if lm wrong. But if they are then that's a name you can trust. Anyway next week l will make a short video and post it on y-tube.

Well lm going to head out to the Post Office now and post my card to Create and Craft.
Oh speaking of which there was a guest on this week who knew how to use and work the Cricut Expression. Well l have been having a lot of trouble with mine in cutting some papers. She put me on the right road and then things started to fall into place. I even made two yes 2 templates out of plastic for my inking and gluing out of plastic.
Keep Smiling and have a full happy Crafting weekend.

Kindest regards to all


The Guests name was Melanie.
Thanks for the help Melanie.

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