Thursday, 2 June 2011


While l was surfing the internety web thingy l came across a rusting powder. Now then l didnt think it was made for paper on its own more fabric, but paper was mentioned in the box with details. So l bought it. Like they say nothing ventured nothing gained.
Along with the powder l bought the Acrylic wax that was recommended.

Well what fun l had. The first time l played with it l had to use Malt vinegar. [Its the vinegar that activates the powder and the rusting] Well the place stunk. So l had to rush out and buy some white vinegar. That cured the smell by 96%!.

Well l was so impressed with the results l decided to make a card with the topper.

Armed with my Tim Holtz Distressing inks, Galeria Sand Texture Gel, 1 Old Cereal box and a NEW washing up cloth that was cut open to form a one layered fabric sheet.


Taking the cloth l glued it onto the inside of the cereal packet [from now on will be called board!]
This was left to dry. Several hours later [didn't want to use a heat gun as l wanted it to dry flat] I then took my trusty card scraper and distressed the edges of the board.

This was then distressed by using Vintage Photo Ink and a 'Ink Duster Brush' FAB FAB FAB bit of equipment. They come in packs of 3 and are double ended. They blend inks so well]

Anyway what did l do next? Ahh right...

When the board was dryed from the ink l then distressed the edges of the topper using the scraper and the same ink and brush. This was then glued into place using a good strong wet glue.

The ribbon was made from an old off cut that l had when a pr of curtains from that Swedish Furniture store sells. The edges were not clean in fact were not even. I glued a band round first and then tied a bow on after so l could manipulate the bow into shape a lot easier.

The whole card face was then clued onto a card that l had made up. Hope you like what l have done and it might inspire you to try one or two of the techniques l have included  with this card.

Keep Crafting and smiling


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