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Do you ever buy a set of stamps and then wonder what your going to do with them? Well this is one of those stamp sets. I loved the design and l could see lots of ideas when l say it being demonstrated.

Well here is my card that l made in the end.


Funky Floral Stamp Set

2 x A4 Card

Black Oil Based Ink Pad

Water Colouring Pens or Paint Box

Paint Brushes

Foliage Big and Juicy Ink Pad

30” White Ribbon [Check you can colour the ribbon]

Water Colour Pen/Aqua Marker,

Spray Bottle Water

2 Dies From the Oval Scalloped Nestibilities range


Sizzix Empossing Plate

Tea Dye Ink Pad

12” x 12” Paper stock for covering card front

Strong Glue

Acitate sheet 6” x 2” will be enough

Crafting stock ie scissors, glue pen etc.


Firstly l took the 3 stamps that matched and then stamped them out on water proof paper.

Then using my Dual Tip Watercolour ma

rkers l set about giving them a distressed water wash. When they were dry l just cut them out using a pair of scissors not being to careful but leaving all the stamped image viable.

Using a Tea Dye Distressing Ink l edged all layers.

When all of them had been cut out l started to build up the flowers by layering the middle flower on the base and then the small flower onto the stack.

When dry careful

l rolled and crumpled them up leaving them for a while l then carefully unwrapped them. To make them even more built up l folded in half and then in half again. I wanted to break down where the glue w

as and to make it more pliable.

Taking my gelly roll glitter pen l just scribbled on the coloured part of the image and not the ink part used w

hen stamping.

When l was happy with the way they looked l then cut out a few lengths of approx 2” and 1/2” width,

folding over a small part over l then applied a strong gel glue onto the folded area and then placed onto the flow

er. I did this for all flowers.

I had to leave these flowers aside over night so that it set as l was going to repeat the other end when l was goin

g to glue to the card.

The topper was made up of using sever smaller parts of the stamp sets. Just wanted to create a backing paper. For this l used one of my Big and Juicy ink pads, as l was going to then spritz with water so that the stamped images would 'leak out' giving a soft image. You can control the effect by building up the water sray. Remember you cant remove water so little and often till your happy with the effect.

When l was happ

y l used a Cosmic Shimmer Mist just to add that little bit of colour to the topper.

When dry l used one of my Sizzix embossing plates as it is a large format. We sometimes forget that these are here and are very good for embossing. I passed them through my Calibur using the new Embossing Plate. However it did warp the plate up a bit so l don’t think l would do this often and will keep to the big shot which they are made for.

Taking a sand paper block l gave the surface a sanding just to distress the surface. Edges were then inked using Tea Dye Distressing Ink.

Using the lar

gest of the Oval Scalloped Grand Die l cut out a gold sheet. Then using 2 dies smaller l cut out the 'Printed' layer.

As lm a tight cr

after l also took the opportunity to put a few of my smaller dies into the middle of the gold paper to cut out and use for a later date. I did make sure that these cut outs did not infringe on the exposed a

rea when l mat and layered the two layers together.

Taking one of the A4 cards l was going to use to make the card l secured a decorative paper and trimmed to

size. Using the Tea Dye Ink l edged the card.

The ribbon was white but with the use of a brown Aqua marker on a tile and a spritz of water the ribbon became a distressed colour. When l was happy with the colour of the ribbon into knots and let dry7 as l wanted it to be 'antiqued'.

Just cutting

enough to go round the front l cut a slit in the side and passed through the ribbon.

Securing at both ends on the inside of the card.

Just gathered up the ribbon folded in half and made a bow.

When l was happy with the topper and then ribbon all l needed to do was secure the flowers into place. By f

olding over the other end of the acetate l used a strong glue and secured into place. The flowers needed some support to dry for a few minutes. Once the glue has taken hold you can remove the support.

There you have it a 3 Dimentional card that will let the flowers move and look as if they are floating over the page.

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