Friday, 29 July 2011


Firstly sorry for the delay in posting new thins on here. But l have an excuse. Have been heavy into my paper surface design phase and the work has been sprouting forth. I think l have designed 17 new paper surfaces each with up to 20 different colour ways. I am working on the 1st CD of my designs so that l can then send it out to prospective buyers. I will also offer a few out to my fellow crafters to road test.
There is also a new venture that is very early days but l have approached an illustrator to work along side me to produce this vision that l have in my head. I'm not going to give anything away but l'm very excited about this adventure.

Now then what else have l been up to?????

The kind people from Creative Expressions sent me a stamp set called


To make up some samples for them. Well that's been fun as l have had to work within their structure and not the way we normally work when we mix and match. A stamp from that set.. A stamp from that set etc..

I'm pleased with the results and waiting for the feed back. I will in the next few days give you a full how to make instruction sheet just in case your interested in how to make a card. I would love to be able to write how to do's for every one but alas time doesn't allow me to do that.

Any way here are a few of the cards l have made and l hope they might inspire you to take a little from each and use it in your own crafting styles.

Keep happy and Crafting


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