Monday, 17 October 2011


The cd's l used for this challenge were Sundae of Seasons and Not for girls Definitely for Men. Again they are able to work together but also stand apart. Perfect for building up a great libary of crafting goodies.

I have never made a tunnel card before so l thought that this challenge would give me the opportunity to try and make one. I could make layers and give the card some depth.


Firstly l cut out from plain black card stock by backing sheet. This was cut at 8” x 8”.
Then l worked out how many layers l wanted to make. I had the following images:
The Tree was the furthest point in the card so that was glued onto the backing sheet. So that was easy.
Now then the layers. Well taking some more black card stock and my measuring board l marked out 7 1/2” steps. This would give me the steps that l needed. This was duplicated so l had two 'Step's'.
Remember when you start to glue them [I do advise a strong double sided tape or a wet glue] to mirror the sides so that they match.
Now then the house was the next layer. So using some clear plastic that l had saved from some packaging [l never throw anything away that can be used for something else!] I cut the plastic [best use sturdy plastic like the ones from embossing folders] into 1” strips and 8” in length. The house was secured into place by using a strong double sided tape i.e. the one that is coloured red but clear when the protective layer is removed. Also put a little on both ends under the image side. This will secure into place.
Then it was the Mummy and the Gravestones was then the next layer. I decided not to put the Witch into a layer but on the outside to give it more depth and impact. This was the same for the sentiment which l cut out using my Caliber and a nesti die.

Before l secured both into place l cut out a Frame that was 8” x 8” and 1” in depth this was to hide all the layers on the sides. This was treated with just a small black and white ribbon that l had glued using a Xyron machine [the small hand held one]
The bow was glued into place. When it was dry l just secured into place the Witch and the sentiment that l had added a few Bats onto.

There you have it a card that when broken down is easier than you think. I always take some white paper and make a trial one. That way l can construct easy and not use any of my main images or best card.

Hope you found my instructions easy to follow? Please contact me if you need any further help. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Keep crafting


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  1. Wow Alan you did a great job with this card. Love all the elements and added depth. It looks great.
    Looking forward to playing alongside you in Polka Doodles
    Anne x


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