Wednesday, 16 November 2011


This card was made by using a sheet of 12"x12" card stock. [I never throw anything away this was used as support from a 12x12 paper set l bought. Its perfect for Boys/mens Cards. All l then used were little bits from my paper stash. I used an image from a range from Whimsy Doodles Digital Range Whimsie Doodles You can download lots of great images and great prices from their site.

1 sheet 12"x12" card or 'Strong' Paper Stock. [If you dont want to cut out and then embeliish with other card stock just use double sided. [I sorted out my card stock into styles and l found out that when it came to double sided designs l had very few....]
Double sided tape or strong glue.
Clear Sticky Backed Plastic.
Plain Card stock for making the book marker.
Normail crafty equipment.


1. Take your 12x12 card and using a scoring unit score 6" on the Vertical and then the Horizontal.

2. Using a pr of scissors cut along one of the scored lines to the middle

3. Looking at the square in front of you in on a bit of scrap paper draw a simple box with the lines in it. For each square put a no in it. Now go bact to your card stock and then taking square 1. Take hold of the top corner and then fold into the center to make a small fold.

4. Taking the opposite corner [Square 4] and fold inwards so that 3/4 of the square has been made into a fold. To secure the fold into place l gave the flap a slight curve and then using a brad secured into place. I wanted to give the card a bit more dimension and touchable.

5. Take Square 1 and then fold into its self to make a 6"x6" square.

6. Take Square 4 and then fold upwards and then fold Square 3 to the back of the whole card.
A simple green ribbon was placed on the bottom of the card so that the greeting could be put on. A simple double length knot was used [well young lads dont want a ribbon but a knot is a different thing!]

There you have it a double folded card from 1 sheet of paper/card. I have not mentioned where to place your glue. This is something that you can do after you have folded the card into place. You will need to decorate the panels first before tape is put into place.

I would start firstly with some scrap paper thats been cut into a square say 8" x 8" and experiment.

The book Marker was made by printing out one of the images from Whimsey Doodles then colouring in using a Graphics program. You can use your pro-markers, aqua-markers, felt tip pens, paints what ever your feeling like using. I cut out and left a small margin around the image and using a light blue grey pro-marker l coloured in around the image. [I find that this calms down the image and makes it nicer to look at rather than a white border]
If you dont have a Heat embossing machine use double sided clear plastic sheeting to protect the book marker. Ribbons in a matching clours were used to decorate.

There you have it. A simple [Once you get your head round it] card that can be used for any occassion.

Any problems send me a message and l will do my best to help out asap.

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  1. Hi Alan, I think your a bit previous with you card it shouldnt be posted for this Challenge till Monday 21st, never mind, its one stunning card.
    If you want to know how to schedule it for a future date just let us know and we can talk you through the proceedure. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  2. Hi Shirley, Sorry about this. I just try to fit in designs when l can and then upload to the sites. I don't understand the workings of the what goes on behind the screen lol I say other DT members uploading their cards so l just followed their lead. Sorry if its not what happens DOH!
    Thanks for the kind words l am glad my first card is of the very high standard that's been set from the team.
    Any help on what l'm expected to do will be gratefully accepted. If you would like to contact me via my email address it would help me a lot.

    Thanks for your help


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