Friday, 16 December 2011


Have you ever been in the position where you have had to make a card for a late 30's early 40's single man? I was put into this position last week. Now then you cant do a great pro markers colouring in of a nice sunny scene with flowers and maybe a teddy or two. Also i dont think a card with a stamped image from our ever growing stamps as well as digi stamps collection. So what was i going to do? Leave it plane with just the text 'Happy Birthday' on it with a footballer or a man throwing darts
I felt that this card needed just as much creativity as all the other cards that we/i have made.
Over the past weeks or so i have been searching the blog sites as i wanted to join one more design team, while i was surfing i came across Kenny Ks imagery.
While there are some great drawings that are multi functional and can be used for any occasion there is also a selection of images that can be used for those 'Adult Men's' [or Women's with a sense of humour].
These images can be used to make these cards that we are asked to make and create. Its hard enough trying to make a Adult Males Card in the first place. I speak as an adult male who always get those darts/footballers/car cards. LOL
The images are not expensive the one i used was $3 and it was downloaded in JPEG as well as PNG's format.
So i could make a card that used creativity and would fit into the person recieving it lifestyle. Well he is a bit of a Lady's Man and Single!
I used Photoshop to do the colouring in as my printer was not ready [waiting for a new one from that shopping channel! Speaking of which since they changed it my internet connection so i can watch them is all over the place i have to keep refreshing the page.. Why change something that's not broken?]
So l did the colouring in and did the shadowing as well. The background was taken from a cd i have that was 'Steam Punk' inspired.
Now then when i looked at the finised jpeg it didnt look right. The image of the woman didnt look as if it was part of the card. So i duplicated the image and then flipped it. Changing the colour and density l made it look as if it was a reflection. This then anchored the image and made it feel part of the finished project. After i had printed it out, my trusty peel offs came into play. I chose the most tacky ones i had. The golden big glittery holographic ones. [Dont ask why i bought them, i have a feeling they were part of a pack!]
So there you have it a card fit for a 'Man's Man' if you know what l mean, i have to admit it it was fun to work on something different and i have since downloaded a few more drawings from the site for future projects. They are great for Men's Cards when your stuck and want something different.
Hope you like the card and as always any questions please send me a message.
Have a great Weekend and keep warm and safe with these cold wet days and nights that are now here.
Happy Crafting


  1. Oh my Alan what a saucy lady, and im sure any lad over 35 with love it. A Stunning card. hugs Shirleyxxx

  2. Can't think of anything better for an "over 35" single guy! Wonderful card!!!

  3. Great card, Alan. I love Kenny K digis thay are very versatile.



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