Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Not Very Happy With My NEW PURCHASE

Well today l received my ne cd from that Crafting Chanel that's out there on the internety. The new item i decided to spend my hard earned money on was the new Production from Crafters Companion called ‘Strawberry Kisses.’

Now then before l tell you guys what i think l have to say that i own a lot of great crafting stuff that i have bought from Crafters Companion, so much so i am a Silver Member and get a discount when i order some if not all items. I even bought my e-Craft cutting machine from them way back before the Crafting Chanel decided to show and sell them. I also own all the Spectrum Noir pens and they sit along side the collection of Pro-Markers that i have and they are an equal when it comes to colouring in my design work. I have also bought what i think is some of the best card stock that comes in a lot of different shades, styles,textures and finishes. So as you can see i am not bias against Crafters Companion.

But i felt that i had to put down onto ‘paper’ what my thoughts were about this new acquisition to my crafting empire.
Now then where do i start? Okay when i opened the cd and put it into my computer i always go to open the cd and explore the files if i can. This cd allowed me to explore the content. I was so disappointed with what l saw when i explored the cd. [Now i know there will be some fellow crafters that will shoot me down and say i have got this all wrong. That's their choice they pay for the product and they are entitled to have their say about it. Like i have stated i love what Crafters Companion offer us 99% of the time].

There was a section that when broken down gave me 72 tags. Admit they were different colours however they were all the same design. The papers on the whole were just Average. Again it was a design that was continued through just giving me just few colour ways. I have in my crafting store a lot of different cd’s and they have put a lot more thought into presenting to the crafter more choice.

The embellishments were all crammed onto a A4 page and when i tried to enlarge one of the images it lost a lot of definition and the image became unusable. If PDF or PNG format had been used this would help when it came to enlargement.

There is another company who offers the same sort of content to us crafters and they do offer a lot more content when it comes to cd crafting. I was mostly disappointed at the total lack of any NSR images that i could use and colour.

To get the best out of this cd you have to buy the stamps which i feel is a bit of a rip off. Some crafters cant afford to do this and have to pick one or the other. I will have to think and then re think before i buy a cd from Crafters Companion, which is a shame and a sad thing to say as they have in the past given me great crafting goodies.

Sorry but this to me is not worth the money that it cost to buy. its something i would expect to find in a rack at a computer/shopping store, made by a company you have never heard of before..

It did pain me to write this about a company who i have traded with for a long time. But when i'm offered something i fell is not up to scratch i have to say something. I wish them all the best and hope that they get back to being one of the fore runners in our crafting world.

There is i feel a lot of companies resting on what they have done in the past. They now offer us crafters what my Grandparents called ‘Tosh and Tat’ and what was then discarded. I feel i have wasted £14.99 less my 10% on this product.

So not a happy Crafter at the moment.


  1. I saw the CD but decided not to go for it as there are no character images on it which you need to make it come alive. Did you not get stamps with it? I thought that was the offer.

  2. I went for the cd thinking there were some NSR like the ones on offer from My Craft Studio. To me its ripping people off when they charge that much and dont include digi images of some description. But the expect you to spend more money so you can get the best or what they show you on the telly.

  3. Have you been in touch with the company with regard to how you feel about this? I feel that the least they could do is offer you a refund if you're not happy & feel misled!
    Dawn x


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