Tuesday, 24 January 2012


If you would like to down load a paper or two or three or four or the whole lot PLEASE click on this link:

Always on the look out for new ideas as working on your own you can become a little insular. So if you have any ideas on a Paper Design you would like to get hold of but cant quite find it let me know.

I am always interested to hear what you have to say about what l'm offering to you and what you have used them for in your creations.


  1. Hi Alan. I have just become a follower after seeing you on the Craft Telly forum which I check out regularly and really must take the plunge and join soon! I wanted to thank you for your generosity in allowing us to download your wonderful free papers. I hope to make something with them soon and will certainly email you a pic!

  2. Hi Alan
    Have just discovered you via That's Crafty wow, a son after my own heart, my two boys love to cook, sew and knit too! Thank you so much for the fabulous papers, I've downloaded half a dozen to play with, marked your site as a favourite, really interesting, shall follow avidly. Hopefully can send you a photo of project when finished, guess it's nice to know that your creations are being used! Thanks again, please keep up the good work. xx

  3. Hi Alan, what a lovely thing to do, from a non teckie who, some times reads, but doesnt contribute to craft telly forum, if I replied to some of the comments, would start world war three, love the info though and it led me here, so cant be THAT bad can it thank you again, LP


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