Thursday, 29 March 2012


Bird on a Branch Thank you Card

I wanted to make a card for a friend who has been very kind to the family over the past few months, She has given her time and also been very supportive.

The bird was cut out on my Cricut using some software i have on the old computer. It was take from a jpeg file. The black part of the topper was cup out of plain black card using the eCraft machine. [i know lm one of those lucky b*****s that have both machines, if you want honest opinion of both please ask]

Then it was mounted onto yellow card. A flowered paper with Spring colours was cut out again cut out using the eCraft machine and was layered onto the circle of the black card.

The card its self was one that came from a Kanban collection, as it was white it just did not sit right with what i wanted. So after spending a few moments looking through my one of a collection and as you know there are always some that you don't think your ever going to use as they are well to be blunt Rubbish and feel like fillers to pad out the paper pad.

Well armed with his was the result. Form while to yellow in 10 minutes and it felt more like what i was looking for.

The next question was what could i do about the wording? I wanted to use a ribbon tag but as it was small finding the right stamp image would be difficult as they were either to large or too small.

Then WHAM i found what i was looking for and it fitted into the ribbon tag. After it was stamped a blast from the heat gun sealed it. I wanted to then change the white tag to fit into the colour scheme of the card. Using the same inks that i coloured the white backing paper once again did the job.

I had a slight problem with the black card, unfortunately my cat decided that she wanted to inspect the crafting surface and take a closer look at the bird topper. So this left a small mark. To hide this i took 3 flowered buttons that l have and secured into place. As the centre of the buttons were open, i got some bling that matched each button and placed in to the centre to make it look whole.

A simple gold coloured ribbon finished the card.

So there you have it a card that was modern in feel, utilized what crafting equipment i have at my disposal, which i have to hold my hand up and say i don't use enough.

If you want to know anything about the card please send me a message and i will do my best to help you out.

Have fun crafting


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  1. Alan, this is lovely! I bet the recipient was delighted with it!
    Dawn xx


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