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Dress Form Card
Just love the Dress Form Image. So much so l managed to search down the Tim Holtz Form Dress Die. I had  just a week or so bought from Thats Crafty a set of stamps from Prickley Pear Called: 50’s Bodice, Lady Bodice, Asian Bodice and Celestial Bodice. I bought these as they looked like a very versatile stamp. One of the designs is below
Prickley Pear Unmounted Stamp - Lady Bodice
Both for toppers as well as making backing papers with just using a 2nd generation stamping technique. [This is when you ink the stamp, then stamp onto a bit of scrap paper then taking the stamp to the paper your distressing and stamp. The image left is going to be faded in saturation, you can then stamp again and again depending on what look your after]

Once again l have designed a backing paper for this project in different colour hues. Please feel free to download from this link:

I have to add that while you can use these papers for your crafting. Can l ask that you do not pass the designs as your own design. Also unless written permission is given the design and the colour ways can not be made part of a collection and sold. The paper design can not be sold as a single item or as a a colour way’s set.
Thank you for using my design l don't mind if your selling your cards you can use the design as many times as you want.

2 prints of the backing paper. 1 for backing the card, 1 for cutting Dress Form Shape out of
3 A4 white card stock to make the card base.
Tim Holtz Sewing Room Bigz Die
Prickley Pear individual Stamps
Pages from an old Book
Gold Pen Liner - Gelly Roll Gloss Pen [if you don’t have one what your after is a dull gloss covering. I will see if l can find a simple way of achieving this. Don't worry if you don't have this pen just skip this]
Dark Card Stock to mount the Dress Forms on.
Contrasting lengths of Ribbon 3 times the height of your card.
Strong double sided Tape.
Cosmic Shimmer Mist – Golden Fish – Silver – Bronze Blush
Stamps Away – Mica Mist – Pewter
Tube Glossy Accents Clear Embellishment
Archival Ink – Jet Black
Heat Gun
Water colouring mediums of your choice. I used Aqua-Markers.
Distressing Ink Pads: Rusty Hinge – Vintage Photo
Big Shot Die Cutting Machine.
None-stick wipe clean surface.
Dimensional pads.
Normal Crafting stock we all have.


Using the Dress form die you need to cut out 4 using the pages from an old book. I bought one from a charity shop that was mostly text but was in double columns like a old dictionary. While the die is out cut out 4 parts using the complimentary downloaded paper.

Place these to one side till later.

Using one of the white cards start to stamp the Prickley Pear stamps and when dry taking your water markers or pencils,paints etc. start to colour in. Try to keep to muted colours as the over all feel of the card is to look old and faded.

Taking your Cosmic Shimmer bottles just do a few ‘squirts’ onto the crafting mat. Then taking the paper dress form shapes carefully wipe up the inks. Try to be random you don't want them to be uniformed in shade and colour. Taking your heat gun start to dry the papers.

Try to keep the heat away from them as you don't want to burn or distort them.

Now they are dry glue onto your dark colour stock. Then this is the fun bit hahahaha using your crafting scissors cut around the dress forms but leave a small margin. You don't have to be exact some times being off and adding a little more her or there makes the image better.

When you have finished this take your Gold pen and just go round the outline of the paper dress form. I filled in the dress form header you can leave it alone if you want.

We have not forgotten the Prickley Pears images. Once again carefully cut them out of the paper. Here you do have to take your time. But there is a good outline to cut around. Look at your cut outs and decide which ones you want to flood fill with the Glossy Accents.

I flood filled just two so there would be some dimension to the card. Place aside to dry

Using your glossy pen once again flood fill the image. This will when dried be a duller shine. If you can l would say purchase a Gelly Roll Glitter and Gloss Pen its one of my Desert Island items]

Carefully check that they have dried, when your happy you have to secure onto your dress form die cuts.

Construct your card or if using a pre made one using the backing paper of your choice cover the front.

Take your ruler and measure 1 inch in from the closed edge. Using this line place one of the double sided tape along this edge, just go over the edge a little so that the ribbon will cover this drawn line. Then coming closer to the centre of the card place the 2nd length of the double sided tape. Leave a small gap between each widths.

Now we have the working area for our dress form shapes. Just lay the Dress form shapes onto the card placing one higher than the other. When your happy with the placement place a ruler along the bottom of each Dress Form or D.F from now on] then secure into place. Treat each D.F separately using the ruler as the base for each bottom of the shape
Using your dimensional pads back each of the Card D.F’s place onto the card at a slight angle. The reason for the paper D.F’s is that they will be a shadow image.

Use some cheap glue sticks on the sticky side of the pads, this will allow you to have some time before they become secured.

Finally for the D.F take each of the stamped images and secure onto your D.F’s. i did this last so i could build up the card and make sure there was a balance to the images.

NOW for the RIBBON! l chose two contrasting shade that went with the background. Removing the backing paper half way i saw on telly some one [sorry l have forgotten who it was to give a name check]

What your going to do is twist the ribbon and secure onto the tape. By twisting and turning it gives dimension and height. By removing half of the tape your not fighting the ribbon becoming secured at the base
There you have it, i hope you like it and that you will try to do one like it. If you don't have the Dig Die, send me a message and i will see if i can do a drawing and then post it available for down load.

As per norm any questions send me a message and i will do my best to help out.

Happy Crafting

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