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This was inspired by a set of drawing that l bought called 'Whimsical Animals' In some strange way the background was led by a single stamp from a collection called TIM HOLTZ STAMPERS ANONYMOUS CLASSIC FAVORITES - CLASSIC 3 [SCF003]. This along with a very large collection of stamps are available from THATS CRAFTY ON LINE STORE.

Dont be put off from making a project like this if you don't have this or that. There are alternative options. Like the Crafters Workshop templates, i know we don't all have them however we may have a selection of the That Special Touch Masks. So use those No one is going to say you can't do this or that just because your not able to use the masks i have. 

Flat 12 inch Canvas Board
Main Image Printed out [Any Image of a Fairy/Dancer etc. Can be used for this] x2
Selection of Alcohol pens Pro-Markers and Spectrum Noir
Clear Tissue Paper
Text Stamps  Kaisercraft Clear Stamps Selection offer 5 set of Fonts ~ [I bought from a close down a set of magnetic word stamps they had over 250 different words in boxes. You can Type/Write or Stamp out your text and then inscribe a box around the letters using a Black Nibbed Fine Pen]
Selection of Brushes Claudine Hellmuth 7pc Brush Set [will give you almost every brush you will need!]
Heat Gun [To use if your in a hurry and cant wait! lol]
Baby Wipes [An Altered Artist's best friend or a pretend one like me who is learning]

Cricut Die Cutting Machine ~ Ornate Ironwork 1 [for the Gate however any simple cut design will work]
Flower Metal Die/ eBosser Embossing Machine [If you don't have a Flower die then by cutting into a circle so that you have one long length then coil up, will give you the same look] ~ Black/White Laser Printer. [I paid £45 for a simple Laser Printer plus a tone cartridge  If you can afford to buy one then l can highly recommend that you do as its just the business for your digital crafting as Pro-markers/Water Based pens work a treat while using a good quality paper]

Okay you all know what we do first.... YEP GESSO our canvas to help us in our build up of layers of detail and colour.

Once again as with all our projects of this nature we can break it down into sections so that we can carry the flow of creativity.

We have the Canvas or what ever base you have chosen to use ~ The Dancer ~ The Text. so we have three parts.

While the Gesso was drying i selected the image that l wanted to use and then printed it out using a laser black/white printer printed out 2 copies. I selected two as l wanted the wings to have 2 layers so that it looked like there was depth and movement.

Taking the Teal paint and a lot of water l laid down a very very thin layer of colour. Using a baby wipe to wipe areas so that its not 'Flat'.

You can now use a heat gun however l like to let the paint dry naturally as to me it gives you a better depth of hue.

Taking the stamps selected from our set ink up and then stamp on to the tissue paper. If your not feeling comfortable then just cut out giving a border and then tape to your working surface. Once again put to one side to allow to dry.

While we have a few moments we can start to select our colours and build up colours on our main image. 

Take your time always test out colours and combinations on a scrap bit of paper that's the same as the one your working on. i always save larger cut outs into a box just for this reason.

After you have selected the templates or masks your using along with the ink sprays, start to lay down colour, patterns. Don't worry if your over lapping its all about giving your project depth and interest.


If its not working for you [trust me when i say i have GESSO'ed over a few canvases when its gone all pear shaped and its looking like something my cats have brought in from the garden. We can Gesso and start again learning from why it went wrong and then learning that we don't do this or that.

After the templates/masks have been used now its time to lay down the tissue paper stamped imagery. Using the Matte medium and a 'Dabbing' motion this will help with the ink nor smudging. Take your time it will work and the stamped images will soon be fixed to your canvas. Once again let it dry as its a glue using a heat gun will only bubble up and not be a flat surface].

When i was happy with the way the layers were looking using the Vintage ink distress the edges, don't go mad your just after about half an inch max. or roughly about that area.

The stamped image has now to be finished, cutting out one set of the wings we want to now emboss them. As they are small tweezers are the best way to make sure they do not burn fingers. i gave the wings 3 coats of embossing powder to give depth.

Now then this is the part of the project that for some will cause the 'OH I CANT DO THIS AS I DON'T HAVE........'

There is always a way round things. To make the gate, look on the internet and see if you can find a simple iron styled gate. It can be a photo or a drawing. All we are looking for is something we can copy and then cut out. Maybe this is now the chance to get that technical drawer from inside you out and you can design and then cut out your own Gate. Always remember the scale. Its got to be almost as big as the coloured image.

Three simple flowers that had been rolled up were secured at the top of the gate, the leaves were cut out in green card and then coloured at the edges to give dimension and a feeling of age. i didn't want to over lay the gate with flowers or leaves. By placing them in one corner gives you the feeling of flowers all around.

Secure the gate and flowers onto the canvas using a good strong clear glue.

The next to final job is to secure the coloured image that you have carefully cut out onto your canvas. Slightly bend your image and then with the glue give a large 'blob' down the centre so that it stands out from the sides.

The final part is to address the problem of the Text. You can take your stamps and stamp out a word or a sentence  Print it out from your computer/laptop or you may have a stamp that has the wording you want to use. i always when using text draw a box around it when making projects like this. To me it anchors the word/text onto the page so that it does not look like its floating and shouldn't be there. Its just a personal thing, so if your not liking the box then don't do it. Remember its your project be yourself and bring to the dance who and what you want to bring and not just a copy of something some one else has done.

I hope my projects give you an idea a spark so that you can join me in this wonderful journey of discovery in Altered Art.

Any questions please send me a message and i will get back to you a.s.a.p.

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  1. Hi Alan, love your card wow its just stunningly created you are so talented to, love the colour choice. hugs Shirleyxxxxx


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