Friday, 19 April 2013


Today my new crafting purchased arrived... The Inkadinkado Stamping System. i was a bit greedy and i bought both the Square/Rectangle and the Circle/Oval Set. One thing kind of got the grey matter working..

i'm not talking about the packaging, no matter how careful i was there was no way on this planet i was going to get all the components out and have a packet that was okay to put back on the shelves.

Inkadinkado i think you need to re-visit this packaging and come up with a more user friendly one. Remember there are people who don't have nimble fingers or even the strength to pull the packaging apart to get into the product to use it.

Okay thats the down side. Other than that  ITS MAGNIFICENT!

This setup can become a stable part of everyones crafting/stamping. Not just what they promote it for but also single stamping. Maybe in the future they will bring out a large surfaced paddle just for this reason. Anyway back to the grey matter working.

Like you i have a lot and i mean a LOT of acrylic stamps, thats been built up over the years, well i started to think how can i get this to work with my acrylic stamps....

Then it hit me.. so after i got back to my feet hahahaha [sorry my humour the doctors did warn me about it!]

Well on the packaging there was a life size printout of the paddle, this would now become my template to work out what next to do. There is also a lot of flat plastic packaging built into the product. i can reuse flat plastic for a lot of things so i always try to save it when i can. i did remove the plastic that the circle/squares came in as the base of them is soft so if i can protect it the better it will be in the long term.

Anyway i cut out the life size printout and then with a little sticky dot secured it onto a piece of the flat plastic. Then taking hold of EZ Mount i placed the plastic onto the 'sticky' side of EZ Mount. Then taking a sharp craft knife i carefully cut out the printed template and flat plastic.

Now then after you have removed the other side of the EZ Mount off you will notice that it will 'cling' onto plastic so it will be temporarily secured onto the base of the paddle. The flat clear plastic will be the surface that you place your acrylic stamps.

So all you need apart from approx. 6 inch square piece of EZ Mount you can make your paddles work with all your stamps. i suggest that when you're not using them you will find some plastic still left laying around the floor or desk that will act as a storage unit until its required.

Hope you find this helpful any questions please get back to me and i will do my best to help.


  1. What a fabulous idea... I got the round cog and wheel, rectangle cog and wheel and square wheel and was going to think how I could get it to work with all my other stamps, and you have saved me the trouble, I will give this a go.... looking forward to seeing how it will all work.....

  2. Nikkib Please let me know how you get on and maybe that will give other crafters to have a go.
    Big thanks again for taking the time to post. enjoy your Inkadinado.. its a wonderful idea..

  3. Can't wait to see what you create, I know it will be great!
    Vicky Briggs


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