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i was in the mood to do something that was something that made me look at some stamps in another way. So armed with a thought in my head [which l can tell you can be very dangerous at times!] i came up with this offering. The stamps are some that i have used before a few times. By doing this i hope to show that by buying a set of stamps your not just restricted to use them for the one thing. Nowadays we have to pick crafting items that give us all longevity and not just the 'One Trick Pony'. i will always try to show that a set of stamps if you think 'Outside that box' you can get such a lot more out of them.
The stamps are from that wonderful stamp designer Dyan Reaveley under the name of  DYLUSIONS. i have used quite a few from the collection that Dyan has designed. These are all available from THATS CRAFTY ON LINE STORE. i highly recommend a visit regularly to see what new things Laura has uploaded to the site.

12 x 12 inch canvas
Collection of Dylusions Stamps
Black Gesso
Collection of Brushes
Collection of Crafters Workshop Templates
Collection of Pro-Markers inc. The Summer~ Spring Sets
White Stamping Paper [What Luggage Tags are okay for this projects]
Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue
Woodware Clip It Tools [Safety for embossing 5* Crafting Must Have]
Manilla Folders
Craft Mat
Embossing/Heat Mat
Tim Holtz Alterations Bigz Die ~ Sewing Room
USArt Quest Mica Color ~ Interference
Tim Holtz Scissors [Best ones out there!]
Water Brush
Viva ~ Kristall Gel Dark Blue Glitter Paste and Glitter Paste
Hot Glue Gun
Plastic Spatula
Black Soot Distressing Ink
Fine Clear Embossing Powder
Heat Gun
i also used the Silhouette Portrait for the Titles. [This is an optional as i know we don't all own one.]

We are going to mix this project into 2 different sections, firstly we have the background to prepare and then we have the 'Glitz and Glamour' to make ready

First thing to do is to prepare the canvas. On this occasion i used Black Gesso as i want the background to be 'Dark'. Please remember that Gesso is not just used for preparing canvases, you can use the white/clear to mix with other mediums and they are also very good on their own when used as a 'paint' 

Using the Gels start to build up a intresting background. As the title of the project was called 'The Red Carpet' i was going to try and make a background that was Glittery and gave that feel of Lights flashing as the 'Dress Forms' walked down that carpet.

The 2nd template was used to overlay the first. The large feathers could be used as a framer. Once again a dark glitter gel was used to lay down a colour background interest. 
All that was left to do was to make the Carpet. [Unfortunately at this point the camera decided to shut down so that i couldn't take a photo of the Pink Viva Grass Gel. This was used to give texture. Hopefully if you look closely at the main image you will be able to see how it looks.

Lets now make a start on the forefront images.......

Using the Dress Form cut out as many that you will need. I opted to create 6 different 'Dresses'. Cut of the 'leg' so that all your left with is the 'body'

 Using the Black Soot Ink stamp out the imagery that you will want to use. As this is quite a 'Wet' ink it will give you time to then get into your embossing powder container [i keep a tube filled so l can just drop the item into it. The stamps are from: Doolally Dorris.

 Here i have stamped out the legs from Traveling Travis stamp set onto the same card stock that l cut the Body Forms out of.
Using stamps from: Around the Edge ~ Bordering the Edge ~ Doodle Parts ~ Further Around the Edge ~ Inbetweenies. Again Black Soot has been used and then embossed using clear fine embossing powder.

After the fronts have been stamped and embossed the Dress form is then secured onto the back of the stamped white image and then carefully cut out using sharp tipped scissors.
To help with the placement i was lucky enough to use a small light box.

This is where we can start to have some fun.. Select those colours and be that Textile/Fashion Designer that you wanted to be!
After you have coloured the 'legs' carefuly cut them out leaving a a small margine around them.


After you have selected your colour palette start to build up colour. As you have embossed its a lot easier to colour into those areas as you have a waterproof barrier.

Cut out parts from the stamped/embossed images to make a hat. This outside from the normal. Remember its got to be wild and totally something that you wouldn't find in a high street shop. Nothing will look daft or stupid. Just GO FOR IT!

 Colour the Hat so to speak in matching colours.

Don't just use your Pro-markers. Think of all the colouring mediums that you have. This project gave me the excuse to get out some colouring mediums that i don't get to use that often. Yet they leave a wonderful depth of colour.

After you have built up the figures [as you may have noticed l grabbed some gold mesh and added that to a figure to give some extra texture and level of interest  You can also see the Pink Carpet that was placed using a template on the background. I opted for a Hot Glue Gun as it not only gave me the security of knowing it would be able to secure the figures onto the canvas but it also allowed me to build up depth.

There you have it a FUN project that i enjoyed doing. Its sometimes great to get away from doing the normal things we do and just 'Let Your Hair Down' so to speak.  I hope that this will inspire you to get those stamps out and just have some fun and maybe use them for something you didn't think about using them for.

Any questions please leave a message at the bottom and i will reply a.s.a.p.

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  1. You are so Artsy Fartsy. I love it! What a grand red carpet walk. Great job on your different mediums. I did so much more before we decided on our own stamps, now I feel stuck. You make it look like so much fun! You do such a great job and love the pics, and so organized.
    Vicky Briggs


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