Monday, 5 August 2013


Start Date: 5th August

End Date: 19th August
Sponsor: Kenny K
Theme: Heavy Metal

i'm sure you're all familiar with the wonderful work of KENNY K's SHOP but what about the man [and woman] behind all those wonderful and creative digital images! Take a look by clicking on the link below to see their journey.......

THE PRIZE FOR THIS CHALLENGE IS: 4 Digital Images. [Pity i cant enter as there is more than 4 i would love to have in my collection of Kenny K's images!

Well what can i say about this project.. it was inspired by one of my favourite programs GAME OF THRONES and one of the best characters still alive in the show and will no doubt Kick *** over the forth comings seasons.. [i still cant believe what went on during The Red Wedding show that was not what i expected!].
As soon as i saw what the theme of this challenge was i knew what image i was going to use from my stash of Digital Imagery.
The back ground is a paper that was part of a digi kit from an American Company. This time i did not have to make my own which saved a lot of time.
For the background i embellished the original image by overlaying a square frame. i don't like just having a plain image at the back it has to have depth and interest. This is where digital crafting comes into play. There are lots of wonderful sites out there that allow you to download and use. To build up layers using this one jpeg image.
i know i am a firm believer that digit and 'Hand's on' are both welcome additions to the crafting world. its something that i am looking into more and more, combining a original photographic image and then using different elements i.e., cartoons, illustrations, scanned images to make a new original work of art. The added bonus of the digital world is that if you don't like something you DON'T have to start all over again.. you just delete the part you don't like and carry on.
Right back to my project and put the soap box away for a few hours lol. then after l had put the square overlay on i place onto the file some Victorian line drawings of cherubs.
Before i go on can i spend just a few moment is explaining to some what i mean by layering.
Layering is the building up of different items, like a sandwich.
The original photograph of the woodlands was say the base layer that would then be built up, the square frame was the next layer, then the drawn illustration is another layer so i now have 3 in total so far. each one is independent from each other. Then i placed onto the picture the metal ribbon. followed by the 3 gems. Each gem had its own layer, i know it sounds like we have this massive stack, i have worked on some projects that has included up to 65 different layers, if you think about a physical project it is as if the card is the base then the next layer is the card, the next layer is the topper etc.. just in the digital world each item is given its own individual layer this can be switched on and off.
Each layer then has its own 'Blending Mode' don't think its complicated as its not. There are blending modes in all the main digital crafting programs.
Each Blending Mode treats that layer differently, so open up that program bring in several items and then just go to your blending mode section and play.......
What can happen?
its not paper.. your not going to break your computer so just play and explore how each blending mode gives you a different look or outcome.
if you want to know more there are Hundreds of wonderful tutorials on Y-Tube.
Also if you would like to know more about  the basics in Digital Crafting them please just ask ... i will do my best to help you if i can.
The only other expense i have had is buying a graphics tablet. This allows me to paint or draw as if the computer screen was my paper. If your interested in taking your digital crafting to a new level and would like to know more then please ask i'm always willing to share the knowledge that i have.


  1. Wonderful card, Alan and very informative post. Donna xx

  2. Hi Alan, a really brilliant card, I love the strong colour choice and your layout is fabulous. hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

  3. I absolutely adore this card (found you on the cards for men challenge blog). I adore Game of Thrones too, and I highly recommend the books too if you haven't read them yet!

    I've not really gotten into digital crafting yet (beyond printing out digi stamps and sentiments), as my colour printer died on me around Christmas and I've not been able to afford a new one yet! But it's something I am looking forward to playing with.


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