Wednesday, 7 August 2013


This week i was asked if i would join FITZTOWN CHALLENGE BLOG as a Guest Designer for this month. I was delighted to join and work with some of their wonderful digital imagery provided by CRAFTS BY FITZTOWN [Art].
They have some wonderful digital images and i can recommend a visit. They are also at a price that is easly affordable and can fit all your project needs.

As you all know i kinda get on a soap box when it comes to working with digital imagery and how i think its going to be the way forward in a lot of cases.

There are hundreds of wonderful sites out there that offer you digital imagery to suit all price ranges and projects. i honestly don't think i have come across a site selling crafting items for the digital crafting world that do not fit into any project area such as Male/Female Birthdays.. New Born... Spring Day.. Sorry to hear.. the list goes on and i can recommend that you go to your search engine and just type in Digital imagery and see what happens. The digger you dig the more you will find.

The more you find the bigger your hard drives are going to be. i have folders filled with digital imagery from papers.. to buttons... to ribbons... as you can see by this project all the items used are digital. The only advise i can offer you is to look for PNG Files. these files have the background removed, in a JPEG File its the drawn image but it could have a white background.

There are ways round this by using BLENDING LAYERS. To help remove the white background i mostly use the MULTIPLY BLENDING MODE

i have uploaded a film from y-tube that explains what Blending Modes are. The opening music is quite loud so turn the volume down a bit to start with. This video should help you understand B.M a little better. This video has been made by MICHAEL ARTS.COM. He is an Art Instructor and has a lot of videos on y-tube that you can subscribe to [for free] and watch.

Any questions please send me a message and i will get back to you a.s.a.p.


  1. Wow,just a little piece of art!
    Hugs Kaija DT-Fitztown:)


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