Saturday, 20 June 2015


Have had a very very productive week this week.

Finished off to more Mixed Media Projects and 1 of them meant l had to get the old sewing machine out to do some free hand stitching.

Right then the First one [the painted one] has been one that's been in various staged of production, its been red.. orange.. green then finally shades or elements of them all.

The Victorian Ladies at the top were laser printed and then using a transfer technique where you put a load of glue down then place the image on top and squeeze as much of the glue out. Then wait till its dry and with water and a lot of careful rubbing the backing paper is lifted off and the image is left behind.

I did use a quality glue with this. No doubt your also able to use School Glue. Not to sure what makes the best results maybe that's something for another day.

The other elements are just papers and photos that were cut out and glued into place. The is a stenciled image that was one of clear small plastic beads that left a raised and tactile layer. The beads at the top right were ones from an old light fitting [throw nothing away!] that had alcohol ink on them and were then secured into place when dry.

If there is any question about this project you want to know PLEASE send me a message and l will get back to you a.s.a.p.

THE BLUE FLOWERS [copyright alan.scott7125}

 Now then the 2nd project..

This was an old cotton shirt that had seen better days. All l have used this for is when removing paint from my brushes. First l just paint on the surface so that when it comes to washing the brush there is very little paint left on the brush, so you use less water cleaning the brush.

The shirt HAS to be cotton or any other natural fibered cloth.It just makes the final result that more impressive as natural thread holds the paint that bit better.

Anything that had paint put onto it was cleaned on this shirt.

Looking at it it became a work of art in its own right.

The cloth as it was
So l took some rubber stamps and with a water proof ink l then stamped onto the surface of the cloth so that when it came to stitching l was able to follow a line. Now you could draw onto this if you want to.

The Cloth when framed as size
Just remember that IT CANT BE WASHED! I used a purposed built sewing machine for the embroidery. Saying that you can get just the same effect if your able to lower the walking foot on your sewing machine so that your able to move the fabric yourself.

As always any questions please ask me and l will get back to you a.s.a.p.

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