Monday, 6 July 2015


Well Hollie has done it AGAIN! This time from Holliewood Studios is a wonderful collection of METAL OBJECTS, as well as several matching PAPERS

These can be brought into ANY project that your working on.

The two samples that l have shown below are all constructed by using elements for several Digital Kits that Holliewood Studios have brought to us.

This showing that your able to mix and match ANYTHING FROM ANY HIT!

I am always trying to show people that DIGITAL is a MASSIVE way forward.

All you need is your Laptop or computer which now a days we have or have assess to.

I would also suggest if your able to is obtain a spare drive or hard stick so that your able to keep your Bought Digital Imagery SAFE and SECURED.

I have 3 back ups when it comes to my digitals Imagery. I have spent a long time in both Buying, downloading freebies from site [there are a lot who give away elements] Or l have worked on and made myself. I know if 1 disc goes down l have the other 2.

I have put down some links to various sites that you may find interesting and they are worth a visit just to have a look and hopefully place a few in your Internet shopping basket.

To have a look at the Digital Kit: >>>>>>>>>>LINK<<<<<<<<<<

To have a look at the Internet Shop: >>>>>>>>>>LINK<<<<<<<<<<

A visit to the Blog Site: >>>>>>>>>>LINK<<<<<<<<<<

If you have any questions about the digital projects l have shown you on this post or in fact ANY post then please send me a message and l will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here is a set of 2 Digital Images to make up the 1 set.

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