Thursday, 15 October 2015

Digital/Mixed Media Project No 3: THE PHOTO CANVAS

This time l have to thank Hollie for allowing me complete access to her digital creations.. A big thank you Hollie..

If you would like to see what Hollie is all about then please visit her Blog or her On-Line store..

I call Hollies style Alice in Wonderland on Steroids!.. hehehe She not only brings you some wonderful paper designs that are from painted imagery to woodland scenes.. Geometric shapes to skyscapes...

Then there are the images that allow you to build up a project.. your able to tell a story with her offerings.

My words can not do justice to what Hollie brings us so why not go and have a look for yourself?

So what's the story about this project?

Its all based around the photograph. We all have photographs that sits in a paper envelope or on our mobile phones. The treatment just changes for the photo your going to use.

This photo was a 'Vintage' one so the treatment had to be 'Older' the story l also came up with was that this person was a traveller... He liked to visit places and see the world. He loved his car and that was a big part on how he got around as well as the sky's. There were mementoes of some of the things he saved.

I could have gone overboard with imagery but l didnt want it to be a mess where the 'Saved objects' over powered the main photo.

Speaking of which l printed out two copies. One which was secured onto some thick card and the other l just cut out the head and body then that was secured on top of the original one with some double sided foam. The centre being higher than the sides so that it curved outwards.

The flowers were originally some metal finials. I printed out 3 sets and with my flower making tools gave some definition to them and a small off silver embellishment was secured in the centre. Showing that flowers can be made out of almost ANY object that has spikes coming from the centre.

Here is the video l made while constructing this project.. Happy viewing....

Any questions please feel free to ask away.. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A DAFT QUESTION!!! 

I have asked loads myself so don't be shy!

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