Thursday, 28 January 2016

Project No. 10: Holliewood Studios ROMANCE ISNT DEAD Digital Kit

Hollie has gone back being a solo creative designer with this kit after the last one which was a collaboration.

This one is a little bit dark however if you have that sense of humour then your going to be able to use this kit and all its elements with a lot of your projects.
Hollie has also included a lot of overlays with this that are not just for 1 kind of project.

There are also 2 fonts that work along side this kit.. Fire and Smoke.

Once again your able to just drag them into your digital project and work with them. As you know l just love the digital format as it does give you a lot more freedom to make errors however in my other love of wet media if you make an error you have to find ways to bring it into your project or just gesso it out hahahahaha.

Saying that there is nothing wrong with like me bringing the two together and having a lot of fun!

Below are some samples of projects l have made using this kit and the fonts.

Thank you and PLEASE PLEASE visit the designer and look at not just this kit but also a very large extensive back catalogue of her design. There is something for everyone in her Digi kits.




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