Monday, 28 March 2016

Project No 13: CUPCAKE COLLECTIBLES... A NEW Digikit from DKERKHOF Designs

Hi There...

Well its been a while since l last did a project using the elements from Deb's Digital Kits.

Her NEW one is very soft and PINK! so for all those who like to have a cupcake this is the kit for you hahahahaha

There is a very nice mix of elements some you would think 'WHAT IS THAT DOING IN HERE?' But where there is a reason there is a creative project just waiting to escape out.

So have a dive into this kit. Click on the link below to open up the page so that your able to have a good look at

A: What is in the kit

B. What the Design Team have created. This is a way to help show you whats your able to do... If it sparks out a project of your own from what you see then our job is finished. We are here to ENABLE YOU...

We all have those moments when we are at a complete blank. All we see is this white surface and dont have a clue as to what to do.. So have a look... Take elements from several projects to build up on that you can say is YOURS!

This kit is in 3 separate kits Main Art Dolls Kit... Add On Kit and lastly a Paper Kit..

Below is the link Main Collectables Kit:

Link for the Add On Art Dolls Kit:

Link for the Paper Set:

To visit the complete Digital Kit Collection from DKerkhof:

Have a good look around. There are sometimes great offers on the site so its well worth book marking this page and keep nipping back to see what else has been created for your projects.

It doesn't matter if your a Card Maker.. Mixed Media Artist... A.T.C. Maker or Tag Maker These kits are yours to use in any format that you enjoy being creative in.

Project No 1:

Project No 2:

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