Thursday, 14 April 2016

Digital Kit from Dkerkhof ~ RED QUEEN Art Doll Collection & Matching Paper Set

Well its been a while since l have  had a play with a BRAND NEW Art Doll Kit from Deb's @ Dkerkhof.

I was not disappointed!!

In this kit we have Art Dolls that are ready for all those 'Red' Occasions.

We are talking RED ....GOLD.....RED.... oh and GOLD!!!

Then right at the end we get some flying pig's.. WHAT MORE CAN YOU AS FOR? lol

No lm joking.. This is a fab add on kit the Art Dolls are soft and in poses that your able to draw a picture or should l say construct a picture.

To show you how the quality of these images are .. Let me talk a little about the first project.

Firstly l took two backing papers and then over laid one with another and used a blending technique.

The face was an art doll that l had enlarged so that the face fitted into a 10 inch square frame.. Now look at that image can you see any pixelation? [Have l just made up a new word? hahahaha l dont think so just bad spelling and Google did not understand what l was saying..] What l mean by this is can you see ANY PIXEL BOXES within that image?


This goes to show you the very high quality that Deb's makes her digital imagery for us to use.

There is also an Add-on kit that has some Art Dolls that are sitting as well as Standing along with some text blocks..

So to have a look at the Main kit..

I have also added some elements from other kits showing that you dont just have to use that one kit together THEY CAN MIX & MATCH..

So have lots of fun.. I look forward to seeing what digital and wet media as l have printed some of the imagery out and then built up a wet canvas.

Project No. 1

Project No. 2

For this one l have gone all Black and White.. However when you have this format the addition of a splash of colour in the same hues can just make the image 'POP' out. Hope you like it...

Project No 3

Any questions please send me a message on here or an email and l will get back to you a.s.a.,p.


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