Monday, 2 May 2016


Well then Hollie has done a complete 180 degree turn a round and brought a brand new kit for you creative peeps out there in Creative Land!

This one has at its base ANIMALS.. Dogs.. Cats..Horses..Hamsters... Fishies... as well as a collection of wonderful overlays and back ground papers...

So if your after something thats a bit different but you know your going to be able to be able to build creations that at its core is some members of the Animal Kingdom well this is one to start with. By the sounds of the wording of the title there are more to come YIPPIE!!!!!

So if you want to have a look at the kit and explore what you can do in your head then just add it to your basket and wait till your download has finished. Oh you will need a program that will un-zip the Winrar file that you download.

This is a common practice when it comes to downloading bought files.and if your  there for your system be that P.C. or Mac.

Back to this digital collection to have a look at the folder and some samples of what members of the design team have done then just click on the link below...

It will open up the new page in a new window so you will not loose this page just in case you have not finished or would like to make a comment or ask a question about this posting or any others l have made ..

>>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

Project No.1

Project No2..
For this one l have decided to do a 'Poster' for the Clean up Our Parks and Public Areas.. I hope you dont mind me doing so as its something l feel VERY VERY STRONG about. People who let their 'Pets' etc just do what they do and then leave it .. How would they feel if their Pet then became very ill or a family member came into contact with it and was not able to remove it without help?

Project No3.

This projects is showing you how your able to lay backgrounds onto each other and then using layer modes your able to create a completely new 1 of a kind background layer/jpeg that your able to then print out or use in different projects..

Have fun....... 

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