Thursday, 16 June 2016


What can l say!!!! Well Hollie had gone and done it again.. This is what Chapter 8.. Album 8.. Version 8 or just Volume 8 on this very creative collection of Digital Imagery.

Each volume adds something to the others so your building up a digital collection thats going to enable you to be VERY CREATIVE and will cover a LOT of different topics or avenues when it comes to being creative.

Each volume will stand alone or like l have mentioned build up on each other. Its not a case of Standing ALONE.. where nothing mixes and matches..

To have a look at this kit and some samples of what can be done with the elements provided, please click on the link below to be taken to the site:

>>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

Project No. 4

Project No.5

Have lots of fun with this kit and the others from Holliewood Studios...

If you would like to share your projects with creative internet Land then please send your projects to me and l will happily put your photos onto the web site. Can you also mention what kits or kits that you have used.

I will reduce your photo so that its web ready and l will watermark the photo as well so no one can or could BORROW IT!.

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