Monday, 11 July 2016


Well Hollie has gone and done it.. by the name of the digital kit this is all about space and Cats.. Well there is 2 White Horses, a Wolf, a Drawn Octopus and a cheeky Chimp!

But there are also a lot of VERY VERY did l say VERY Hollie style added extras.

Hollie is the QUEEN of the background builders with all the extra elements that she include.

NO TWO BACKGROUND will ever be the same with the way your able to manipulate these elements.

Oh and there is also a NEON Type face so that your able to build up your own wording on your project.
I have had a lot of fun playing with this kit and l have NOT! added ANY outside elements into any of the 3 projects that l have done.

I have manipulated and changed colour hues maybe, but NO other digital element from a kit from you own collection or another kit from Holliewood Studios.

PURE MAGIC this one and l know lm going to be coming back a lot so that l can enhance other project with elements in this kit. 11 out of 10 here Hollie... GOLD STAR!

To have a look @ the Digital Kit:

To have a look @ the NEON TYPEFACE:

To have a look @ ALL the Digital Kits from Holliewood Studios:

To have a look @ Holliewood Studios Blog site:

Below are 3 projects l have created just using elements from the above named digital kit. Have a lot of fun l know your going to be very happy playing around with these elements.




If there is anything on this posting or indeed ANY of the posts that you have seen and would like more info then please contact me and l will do my best to help you out. It might not be right away but it will be a.s.a.p.

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