Monday, 4 July 2016

Holliewood Studio's Month Mischief Relax Collaberation

Here is Holly's digital elements for the Designers from Mischief Circus Site Collaboration.

This is a monthly event where they decide upon a common theme and then ALL the designers bring their own individual styles and designs to the table.

I cant say with hand on heart that any two of the designers bring the same elements. So your going to have up-to 8 designers bringing you styles that you enjoy working with. Saying that you may notice that their is another designer that your intrigued by and will want to explore what they bring to the creative table.

Back to Hollie and Holliewood Studios..

There are three digital folders to this kit. Click on the links below to be taken to the web site where your able to have a look at whats inside each folder as well as a peak at what the Design Team have done using this kit. The designers do their best to enable you to think and see what can be done.

As a member of the team their are some rules that we have to stick to. The big one is that @ least 90% of the elements used in creating the project MUST BE from the kit these samples are attached to.




I mean whats the point in us designers only using two or three elements! Its not going to showcase these elements and show you how they can be used.

I cant speak for the other designers and what platforms they use. In ALL my digital creations lm using Photoshop CC.

Adobe have got with the pack and as a individual lm able by paying a monthly figure lm enabled to use the LATEST product of  Photoshop including ALL updates that come as long as lm paying into this plan. The real cost in terms for using this program is £675.00 then its only licenced for as long as the licence is in effect for.

If your not interested in this line of action then l can highly recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements its the pocket book size that's very powerful and there are loads of y-tube videos showing you how to do lots of things and get the best out of using digital elements.

However you may just want to print and cut out.. so your also going to be on a winner using lots of elements and background pages..

I hope you have a look at what the design team bring to you and l hope you spend happy hours being creative.

Project No.1:

Project No.2

This project above l have dipped into the other digital kits that Hollie has brought us. The ONLY item that was from my own personal stash was the black & white photo. This is one taken in the late Victorian era when Ladies had to take a Swimming hut down to the sea. In a lot of beaches in those days they segregated the beaches .. One for Men the other for children and Women. While the women had to be covered up sometimes in a knitted woollen outfit men were allowed to forgo such items when the beaches were segregated. Im not saying ALL beaches were like that.. Just a few... See creativity and a little history thrown in as well hehehe

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