Monday, 15 August 2016

Holliewood Studio's -New Digital Effects Kit ~ WEATHER EFFECTS

Something different from Hollie this time round.

This is more of an 'Effects' kit. Meaning your able to add those special effects to your projects. Click on the link below to have a good look at the kit and also take a look at what Hollie's design team have done with this kit. Inspiring you to maybe try to replicate what you have seen [if in doubt please ask if your not quite sure how something has been done].

To have a look at the Digital Effects Kit:

>>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

This is defo a what l call a 'ADD-ON's' Kit. This project was built up using the fire elements to build up a story.

Saying that l have had a look at some of my projects and there are a LOT of  'FIRE' themed ones.

I promise you l have never set a building alight EVER!! A few small that got to be big camp fire fires so that l was able to do my marshmallows mmmmm Marshmallows all soft and dripping...

Back to reality ALAN....

Here is the first offering to you. I have selected a few items from other Holliewood Studios the clown has appeared in a previous one... 'Can you find it?'

However this time l gave him a mask... well you cant have him scaring people can you lol?

Project No.1

Project No. 2

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