Monday, 26 December 2016

DECONSTRUCTION ART No.8 'Lilli-Blossom Moonsparkle by Dkerkhof Designs

Deb's has brought us another in the Deconstruction Art collection.

These build up together and will mix and match so bringing you one nice big collection thats going to cover a lot of your creative digital projects .

Dont forget your able to re-size them and then print the imagery out and do some wet mixed media work with them like l have done in the past,,,

There is even a video on my YouTube Channel...

To have a look at this kit just click on the link below.....

>>>>>>>>>> JUST CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<

Have a lot of fun....

Here are a few designs from me to help get your creative sparkle ready.

As with ALL of my posts if there is something you want to know PLEASE ASK...

Oh and there is no such things as a stupid/daft question....

Trust me l have put my hand up and asked an awful lot in my time.

I have a voice so l used it there were lots of others who would just sit there wanting to ask but they didnt have the confidence to put up their hands..

So PLEASE dont be one of those in the shadows..

PUT YOUR VERY CREATIVE HAND in the air and ask away..



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