Monday, 23 January 2017

A NEW Kit from Dkerkhof Designs ~ DECONSTRUCTION ART #13

Well Deb's has done it again.. she has brought us another 'add' on but also 'stand alone' kits.,

The meaning of this is that your able to use the kit as it is just use the elements that are here, or.. your going to add this kit into ALL the other DeconstructionArt kits that Deb's has brought us over the past few months making 1 GREAT BIG digital collection..

Why not head over to the on-line shop and have a good look at all of the kits available.. Saying that if you have some time on your hands why not just look through some of the postings l have done and your able have a look @ what l have created using elements from these kits.

To have a look @ this kit just click on the link below and a new window will open up taking you directly to Deb's on line shop.

Have fun whatever you do.

If you would like to show me and also fellow creative friends across the internet world then send me a photo I will water mark it and then upload it to this site so the internet can see what you have done. Please can l ask 1 thing/

When creating a project to upload on my blog PLEASE use @ least 75% of elements from Deb's collections. They can be from ANY kit that you may have bought.

THANK-YOU and Happy creating..



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